Run Far

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RUN FAR is a 14-week (winter/spring) or 24-week (summer/fall) program to prepare you for longer distances and races like half marathons and full marathons. RUN FAR is open to all levels of runners!
From the start of the RUN FAR program, runners and walkers are grouped with others of similar abilities and goals. The RUN FAR weekly training schedule includes
3 different workouts, each designed to help the runner with pacing and endurance. Interval training, (speed workouts), tempo (pace running), hill running (strength), and progressively long runs (endurance) are combined with rest days and cross training to meet the goal results of the distance runner!

Beginner Half or Full Marathon Option

Designed for new members or current half marathoners interested in moving up to the marathon distance. Includes a training plan for those first time half marathoners and first time marathoners.

Intermediate/Maintenance Half and Full Marathon training program option

Designed for current Run For You™ members or other runners who have run a half or full marathon and are training for a half or full marathon. Intermediate training program for those who have already covered the marathon distance.




January 7, 2017

Length of Program: 14 weeks
Starts January 7, 2017
Ends April 13, 2017


June 3, 2017

Length of Program: 24 weeks
Starts June 3, 2017
Ends Nov 11, 2017

Program Fees

2017 Winter/Spring:

Returning RFY Members until Jan 7, 2017:  $90
Returning RFY Members Jan 4, 2017 and later:  $110

New Members:  $110

2017 Summer/Fall:

Returning RFY Members until June 3, 2017:  $140
Returning RFY Members June 4, 2017 and later: $170

New Members: $170

2017 Annual Pass:

Returning RFY Members until Jan 7, 2017:  $210
Returning RFY Members Jan 8, 2017 and later:  $255

New Members:  $255

Cash, check, or online
payment only. No refunds or transfers

Training Program Coached Sessions:

Saturday (long runs) 7:00 AM (Winter/Spring) – Piper Glen
Saturday (long runs) 6:00 AM (Summer/Fall) – Piper Glen
Saturday (long runs) 7:00 AM – Midtown
Saturday (long runs) 7:00 AM – University

Tuesday (speed work) 5:30 AM – Midtown / Piper Glen
Tuesday (speed work) 6:30 PM – University

Thursday (tempo) 5:30 AM – Midtown / Piper Glen
Thursday (tempo) 6:30 PM – University

Customized weekly schedule is provided with specific workouts based on the option the runner has selected as well as the race for which runners are training.

Pace Groups Supported:

Sub 8:30, 8:30 to 9:29, 9:30 to 10:29,
10:30 to 11:29, 11:30+, Run/Walk, Walk
Depending on location and number of runners, additional pace groups may be added

Locations of Training:

Piper Glen, Midtown,

2018 Winter/Spring: 
Dates TBD


2018 Summer/Fall:
Dates TBD



You may register online or by downloading the Run Far registration form.   Complete the registration form and drop it off at one of the Run For Your Life locations.



Run For You Benefits

• A results driven running training program

• Customized, weekly training schedule

• Run For You performance t-shirt

• Weekly e-communications that include workouts, motivation, upcoming week’s schedule, and success stories

• 15% discount on apparel and nutrition and 10% discount on shoes at Run For Your Life stores while in the training program

• 10% Discount on Run For Your Life owned race events while in the training program

• Pre-run educational seminars on running topics including injury prevention, nutrition, hydration, and running form

• A program that makes running fun, safe, and rewarding!